Geometrics has recently announced a revolutionary new line
of magnetometer products based on recent research in miniaturizing atomic clocks and magnetometers.

Advances by Geometrics allow for a 10-fold reduction in size and power consumption without sacrificing performance. New devices soon to be on the market are only about 15cc in size, and require only 2W per sensor. Manufacturing technologies for an additional 10-fold reduction in size and power consumption are available now.

Recent advances in laser technology and MEMS fabrication techniques, supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) , have led to miniaturized components for atomic clocks and magnetometers. Using its long experience in building field-rugged magnetometers, Geometrics has recently achieved the breakthroughs necessary in sensor and electronics design to bring cost-effective, reliable products to market.

Above: Sensor Package Using MFAM Technology


This advancement in sensing technology will make an enormous impact on sensing and detection applications. Many applications could benefit from lower cost, lower power sensors. Some applications will use a relatively small number of sensors, and others will create demand for a huge number of sensors. These applications and the required production technology must be carefully choreographed for the successful launching of this technology.

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